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  • Under Sleeper Pads are specially designed for application under concrete sleeper for ballasted track. They can be manufactured with a specific non woven layer for assembly into wet concrete during the sleeper production process.

  • The Slab Mat Damper is a resilient mat made of natural recycled rubber that surrounds floating slabs of concrete railway tracks and significantly reduces the level of vibration in urban areas (-20 dB @ 63Hz)

  • The Railmat Ballast Damper is an antivibrating mat in recycled rubber that is installed under ballasted tracks. It reduces vibration level of the ballasted track in urban areas (up to -20 dB @ 63 Hz).

  • SonicMat is an insulating underlayer designed for reducing impact noise and to absorb vibrations. The product is profiled (dimpled) and is conveniently installed under concrete slab. SonicMat 8/4 offers an impact sound reduction up to 25 dB.

  • Joints RubberWall are designed to be installed onto and under bearing walls in order to decoupling walls from concrete slab and/or floors. Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor.

  • RubberDeck is a protective mat with high tensile strength and excellent anti-puncture properties in order to protect seals or sealing membrane against mechanical damages to the installation of photovoltaic panels on roof or any flat surfaces or against mechanical damages of a site.  

  • Rubberfoot is a range of moulded blocks made of composite recycled rubber specifically designed to support solar or photovoltaic pannels or any other vibrating equipment such as air conditioning units. The product can also be used as an efficient solution to support pipes and cable ducts. 

  • Squarefoot is a range of support systems designed to support metal structure on roofs or in industrial spaces. These support systems are made of moulded recycled rubber.

  • RoadMat are anti-vegetation mats specially designed to repel and control weeds or unwanted vegetation to be installed under guardrail on highway, under signs post or along any roads or tacks. 

  • The Load securing mats are used for their anti-slip features in load tie-down/securement systems. They reduce the unavoidable constraints due to the securement of goods and reduce the risk of spillage of goods in transportation.

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