Anti vibration

Ballast Mat Damper

The Railmat Ballast Damper is an antivibrating mat in recycled rubber that is installed under ballasted tracks. It reduces vibration level of the ballasted track in urban areas (up to -20 dB @ 63 Hz).

Antivibrating mat

The Ballast Mat Damper produced by RubberGreen is a mat made from natural recycled rubber. Natural rubber gives optimal properties for resilience, anti vibration performance with a low damping factor, fatigue and longevity resistance.

It helps reducing the vibration noise of ballasted track in urban areas and/or can also increase the life cycle of the ballast. It also helps compensating reduction of the ballast thickness where it is not high enough. Finally it helps reducing impact force that structures may experience over time (such as Bridges).

The Ballast Mat Damper is suited for tramways or subways as well as for train lines in urban areas.

Antivibrating mat
Hinnisdael - Dumont - FRATEUR

Ballast Mat Damper - Alsemberg - BAM
Alsemberg - BAM

Thicknesses, shapes and densities

The Ballast Mat Damper is available in different thicknesses, shapes and densities in order to address expected performances : low density and wavy shape for vibration insulation, higher density and flat shape for impact force reduction on structures.

A geotextile membrane on top of the ballast mat damper is required in order to optimise product lifespan. It increases the resistance against ballast stresses and it protects the mat against dust from ballast wear.

The Ballast Mat Damper product range is compliant to DIN 45673-5 and EN 17282.


Very effective solution for the reduction of vibration pollution

Quick and easy installation

Excellent handling performance over time

Ecological friendly solution for the environment (100% recycled and recyclable)

Technical informations

Natural recycled rubber bonded with a polyurethane binder
10 - 30 mm
630 - 800 Kg/m3
Mitigation of vibrations
> 20 dB
Resistance to fatigue (DIN 45673-5)
Variation Kstat <20%
Resistance to frost (DIN 45673-5)
Variation Kstat <20%
In sheets of 10 x 1m

BMD product range

Reference Thickness Density Shape Based on UIC leaflet 719-1
Protection Mat Vibration isolation Axle load Type
BMD-10 10 mm 800 kg/m3 Flat ✖︎ 100-250 kN Hard
BMD-20 20 mm 800 kg/m3 Flat 100-250 kN Medium
BMD-30 30 mm 630 kg/m3 Flat ✖︎
100-250 kN Soft
BMD-25/10 25 mm 630 kg/m3 Wavy ✖︎
100-160 kN Very Soft


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