RubberGreen Industry and the circular economy

RubberGreen industry has always based its industrial operations with as a backdrop a focus on the circular economy, that is to say an eco-responsible management of raw material resources and the use of renewable energy.

Due to the very essence of the products, made from rubber granules from end-of-life tires, RubberGreen Industry recycles the waste from its own production in situ. The use of green electricity from its own installation of photovoltaic panels further strengthens its commitment to a sustainable model

All products made from Natural Recycled Rubber

RubberGreen Industry and the circular economy

RubberGreenCycle (RGC)

Uses of devulcanized rubber in new applications and in substitution of raw material in existing applications, to complete the complete recycle loop (circularity concept): Recycle, Re-use, Re-make repeat.

Through an innovative devulcanization process, RubberGreen will be able to reduce the production costs and make this recycle product seen as a new material and not anymore a waste.

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