RubberGreen is the specialist of recycled rubber and is active in the design and manufacture of high added value solutions coming from industrial rubber waste.

RubberGreen as a manufacturer conducts its operations mainly 'business to business' and has an extensive network of distributors, partners in different sectors and countries in which the company operates. The company was founded in 2009 RubberGreen in Belgium and has a modern and competitive production center ideally located in the center of western Europe. RubberGreen recycles more than 10,000 tons per year of high quality rubber.

The management team of the Company RubberGreen totals more than 25 years of experience in relevantes areas in which the Company operates.

25 years


RubberGreen presentation

Through this video, our CEO, Olivier Prud’homme will tell you what is behind RubberGreen and more particularly about its vision.

Circular Economy is a trendy wording these days but RubberGreen is going to the next step by not only using recycled rubber to manufacture its products with green energy but is also working to develop an industrial process that will enable RubberGreen to reuse rubber material indefinitely through devulcanization/vulcanisation process. We will give a second life to rubber products that would have been normally thrown away.

Olivier Prud'homme

RubberGreen founder

Values / Vision

RubberGreen values immensely the relationship with its customers, partners and suppliers. In this spirit, RubberGreen always aims to:

  • deliver a solution tailored to the requirements of its customers at the right price;
  • work in close collaboration and trust with its customers and partners.

Recycling (green credentials) is also at the heart of RubberGreen which, through the creation of performant technical products, gives a second life to rubber waste ortherwise destined for destruction or burial.

RubberGreen aims to become a major European and international player in the recycling of rubber, constantly improving the quality and technical solutions developed from recycled rubber.


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